State Partners to Conduct Flood Response Exercise

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BISMARCK, N.D. – Members of the North Dakota National Guard (NDNG) in coordination with the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services (NDDES) will conduct a flood response exercise March 3 to 6, at Fraine Barracks in Bismarck. These agencies regularly exercise emergency response scenarios to validate and refine statewide plans and capabilities.

About 35 Soldiers and Airmen from the National Guard’s Domestic Operations Section will work from the organization’s Joint Operations Center (JOC), exercising command and control for military response resources during the exercise. Emergency services staff will participate from the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC), working with the National Guard and other partner agencies to coordinate a state response based on the exercise scenarios.

These types of exercises are reoccurring events and usually concentrate on flooding and blizzard response. While North Dakota is not expecting major flooding this year, this regularly scheduled exercise provides opportunities for different agencies to work together to review and improve response processes. The exercise also allows NDDES and the NDNG to reestablish working relationships across Team North Dakota needed for effective joint response operations.

This exercise will include response planning, operational coordination, information and intelligence gathering as well as public information and warnings.

Besides the National Guard and NDDES, the exercise will include representatives from the National Weather Service, North Dakota’s Department of Water Resources, Department of Human Services, Department of Health, Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol.

When activated by the governor in response to requests through NDDES, the National Guard serves as the first military responders during a natural disaster or emergency within the state. 

WHO: N.D. National Guard, N.D. Department of Emergency Services and other state agencies 

                  WHAT: Flood Response Exercise 

                  WHEN: 10 a.m., Friday, March 4, 2022 

                  WHERE: Fraine Barracks, Bismarck, North Dakota, Building 400 (JOC) and Building 35 (SEOC)   



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