Camp Grafton Training Center (CGTC) is a National Guard Maneuver Training Center operated by the North Dakota National Guard. CGTC is located 5 miles south of Devils Lake on Highway 20 in northeast North Dakota. Camp Grafton is located approximately 88 miles west of Grand Forks, ND. Camp Grafton rests on the northeast shore of 100,000 acre lake bearing the same name as the community.

CGTC property is made up of Camp Grafton North, Camp Grafton South, several Local Training Areas throughout North Dakota and Air Defense Artillery weapons simulators located in Grand Forks.

CGTC is home to the 164th Regional Training Institute, the 835/897th Engineer Battalion and the 3662nd General Support Maintenance Company.
  • Camp Grafton North is located on the shores of Devils Lake and consists of 1,000 acres with numerous training opportunities, lodging, PX, and dining facilities.
  • Camp Grafton South is located approximately 40 miles southeast of Camp Grafton North and consists of 9,300 acres that consists mainly of training areas and weapons ranges.
  • Local Training Areas:
    1. Camp Davis - located north of Valley City and consists of 33 acres
    2. Douglas Creek - located southwest of Garrison and consists of 700 acres
    3. Devils Lake located west of Devils Lake consists of 160 acres.
  • Grand Forks - weapons simulator systems for Air Defense Artillery units. The Improved Moving Target System (IMTS) is a state-of-the-art simulator for the STINGER weapon system.

Access to CGTC can be by:
1. Highway - utilizing Highway 2 to Highway 20.
2. Air - Devils Lake Airport has flights into and out of Devils Lake daily.
3. Bus - Bus service is available with stops in Devils Lake.
4. Train - Amtrak's "Empire Builder" route stops in Devils Lake.
Procedures for entering Camp Grafton North:
1. Military personnel must have a current military ID.
2. Civilians/contractors must have a current photo ID.
3. Individuals in control of vehicles must also have a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and title of vehicle.
4. Personnel and vehicles are subject to random inspections based on the Base Operations Manager's intent.
Bugle Calls
Bugle Call times for the Camp Grafton Training Center are listed below. All personnel will render appropriate honors to the flag during Reveille, Retreat and To the Colors.

(1) 0615-First Call
(2) 0625-Reveille
(3) 0630-Mess Call
(4) 0730-Assembly
(5) 1200-Mess Call
(6) 1700-Retreat
(7) 1701-To the Colors
(8) 2100-Tatoo
(9) 2215-Quarters
(10) 2230-Taps