Our mission



Service Member & Family Support (SMFS) is a division of the North Dakota Army National Guard G1 dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Service Members, Veterans, and Families. We serve all statuses (Active, Guard, Reserve, retired, Veteran, Family) and branches (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force).

SMFS is a diverse and competent team dedicated to providing competent and friendly service across a wide spectrum of areas:

Child and Youth Program: We have information and programs for children of all ages.

Service Member & Family Support Center (SFMSC): We provide assistance with ID Cards, DEERS enrollment, TRICARE issues, financial assistance, and referrals (emotional/mental health, legal advice, spiritual health).

Soldier & Family Readiness (SFRG): We offer assistance to those trying to locate a Soldier & Family Readiness Group (SFRG) or looking for resources to help in operating an SFRG.

Resilience: We provide training and resources for Service Members and Families that address overall well-being including core causes of emotion, thought, and action.

Military OneSource: We offer a 24/7/365 resource for Service Members and Families with a wide array of information, resources, and referrals.

Military Outreach Services: We provide assistance in finding resources to meet the needs of Service Members, Veterans, and their Families.

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program (SAPR): We provide awareness, prevention, education, and victim advocacy for Service Members and their adult dependents with the intention of eliminating incidents of sexual assault within the military.

Suicide Prevention: We have a team trained to deal with a person exhibiting suicidal signs and to assist those seeking help for themselves or others.

Survivor Outreach Services: We provide resources to embrace and reassure Survivors that they are continually linked to the Army Family for as long as they desire.

Transition Assistance Advisor Program: We provide information, support, and direction to Service Members, Veterans, and their Families on benefits and entitlements available through various state and federal agencies.

Financial Counselor: We provide free information on financial topics for Service Members, Veterans, Families, units, and FRGs, including one-on-one sessions related to budgeting, debt-reduction, credit scores, deployments, and retirement planning.

Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP): We provide prevention education and referral resources to ARNG Soldiers and commanders to deter substance abuse.


The Airman & Family Readiness Manager (AFRM) for the Air National Guard is located in Fargo. The AFRM is responsible for the Family Readiness Program and provides briefings, readiness activities, training and support to families and airmen. Reach Mr. J.J. Fankhanel at 701-451-2112 or email


Service Member & Family Support can be reached through:

LTC Ann Willoughby, Service Member & Family Support Director at 701-333-3801 or email

Mrs. Shyla Wesson, Lead Soldier & Family Readiness Specialist at 701-333-3824 or email