The North Dakota National Guard Community Relations program (COMREL) supports events across the state. Our program provides military speakers, military band (various ensembles), non-aviation equipment static displays, helicopter flyovers and helicopter static displays. Our support of events and organizations are governed by public law as well as Department of Defense and National Guard Bureau regulations and policy.  Additionally, support to community relations are subject to availability of personnel and other operational considerations such as budget restrictions, mission requirements or available annual training time. Events must be non-partisan, open and accessible to the public, and may not be a fundraiser.

Organizations eligible for military support include:

  • Federal, state and local governments
  • Approved non-federal entities in accordance with joint ethics regulations
  • Certain private (nonprofit) institutions when the activity concerned is conducted for the betterment of the community and does not selectively benefit any one individual or organization


  • Federal law and military regulations prohibit military agencies from competing with services available from commercial sources in the private sector.
  • Use of government equipment and/or personnel in support of a private enterprise, whether profit or non-profit, or for promotional events of a select organization’s commercial activity or concern, is strictly prohibited by regulation.

For more information please read Army Regulation 360-1, “The Army Public Affairs Program.”



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