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ND Technician Job Opportunities
ND Army AGR Full-time Positions

AGR - E5 - Supply SGT - HQ 164th Regt RTI - Devils Lake - Closes 2Oct19


AGR - O3 - Training Officer - HHB 1-188th ADA - Grand Forks - Closes 23Sep19


AGR - E5-E7 - Rec-Ret RRNCO - Closes 30Sep19


AGR - E6 - 164 RTI Instructor - Closes 30Sep19


AGR - E6 - OTOT Rec-Ret RRNCO - Closes 30Sep19


ND Air AGR Full-time Positions

ANG - 19-40 - Security Forces Craftsman - MSgt - Closes 2Oct19


ANG - 19-42 - Security Forces Manager - CMSgt - Closes 3Oct19


ANG - 19-41 - Cyber Transport Systems - TSgt - Closes 1Oct19


ANG - 19-39 - Security Forces Craftsman - TSgt - Closes 26Sep19


ANG - 19-38 - Security Forces Craftsman CATM Instructor - TSgt - Closes 25Sep19


ANG - 19-36 - RPA Sensor Operator - SSgt - Closes 18Sep19


State Full-time Positions

Equal Employment Opportunity - No Fear Act


Equal Employment Opportunity Data Posted Pursuant to Title III of the Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 (No Fear Act), Public Law 107-174. The North Dakota National Guard is posting this summary statistical Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint data under the “Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Data Disclosure of the No Fear Act.” This statistical data pertains to complaints filed under the Civilian Discrimination Complaint Processing and Adjudication, NGR (AR) 690-600/NGR (AF) 40-1614, 15 March 1993 that applies to National Guard technician personnel, applicants for technician employment, and to all personnel who supervise, manage, or regulate the National Guard technician workforce.

Section 302 of the No Fear Act requires each federal agency to post summary statistical data pertaining to complaints of employment discrimination filed against it by employees, former employees and applicants for employment under 29 C.F.R. Part 1614. The specific data to be posted is described in section 301(b) of the Act and 29 CFR 1614.704. Federal agencies are required to post cumulative year-to-year data summary statistical EEO complaint data on a quarterly basis during each Fiscal Year (FY) as follows: January 31; April 30; July 31; and October 31. The required summary statistical data for EEO complaints filed against the North Dakota National Guard is available below (click on link).

The posting of EEO data on agency public web sites is intended to assist Congress, Federal agencies and the public to assess whether agencies are living up to their equal employment opportunity responsibilities.

NOTE: The National Guard Military Discrimination Complaint System, NGR 600-22/ANGI 36-3, 30 March 2001 applies to Army National Guard (ARNG) and Air National Guard (ANG) military personnel serving in, and former personnel who served in, an inactive duty for training status, during annual training, in a full-time support status, and while in Active Guard Reserve (AGR) status or ADSW status under Title 32 U.S.C. The military complaint regulation also applies to applicants for membership in the ARNG and ANG and for duty as AGR under Title 32 U.S.C. Complaints under the military discrimination complaint process are not addressed here.

National Guard Bureau Office of Equal Opportunity (link)