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Camp Grafton North


HEAT - (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) Egress Assistance Trainer System

- Egress training that has unlimited rotation of rotate 360º in either direction. (Note: at 90 deg, egress is thru gunners hatch only.)

- Egress training that can be conducted at 90 deg. (vehicle rolled onto either side) or at 180 deg. (vehicle rolled onto its roof)

Note: At 90 deg, egress is thru gunners hatch only.)

- Cab can be stopped at any position

- Electrical Drive System



MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) Site -

Training area that can be utilized for unit training on entering and clearing buildings. The site has a variety of structures that can be utilized to include a double-story building with multiple entry points, "glass" house building, and storm sewer system.



Land Navigation Course

2 courses available on Camp Grafton North through a variety of vegetation and terrain



Engagement Skills Trainer 2000 (EST 2000) -

This is a weapons simulator with 25 lanes. A variety of weapons are available for training. Training is conducted by the unit; technician for operating the system is provided.



Classrooms -

Variety of classrooms can be utilized for training. Audio-visual support should be coordinated with CGTC Operations.



Laser - Counter Convoy Ambush Training System (L-CCATS) -

This is a targetry system that can be used in conjunction with a unit's convoy lanes training, MOUT training or for reflexive fire to enhance your training. This system is exportable to a unit's location. Both wired and wireless systems are available.


Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer (VCOT) -

The VCOT is a modular training device that enables Soldiers to train for convoy operations in virtual combat environments. This four station training device, consisting of two Level II and two Level III stations, will simulate HMMWV, HEMTT (fuel and cargo), and M1083 LMTV Trucks, operation on a simulated battlefield to support crew and convoy operations training. Configuration of each vehicle simulator consists of a driver, commander, and gunner stations.


CFFT - Call For Fire Trainer

- Soldier must have basic map reading skills

- Perform 3 methods of calling for fire support

- Estimate 2 hrs for 8 people to complete



VBS3 Overview:

The concept of VBS3 is to supplement training. It is not a replacement for real tasks, and there are limitations that VBS3 cannot support. Past the limitations to be aware of, there is a myriad of common skills and tasks that can be supported fully or partially.



Brigade Combat Team Individual Reality Trainer 

- Suite of 10 un-Stabilized Gunner Trainer Individual (UGT-I) stations

- Trains individual Gunners IAW FM 3-20.21

- Trains in Afghanistan terrain environment

- Precision scoring for M2, M240, MK19

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Camp Grafton South

Approximately 9,300 acres available for training

Land Navigation Course - 4 courses through various terrains

Convoy Lane Area - Training area for dry fire convoy lanes; 3.5 miles in length



Bivouac Areas -

Several areas that are Battalion and Company-sized areas



Fixed Bridge Site -

Bailey bridge area, medium girder bridge (MGB) site and six boat launch sites


Tank Ditch Area - Available for equipment operation training.


Shower Point - Available 24 hours each day from May through September on request.


Weapons Ranges


M203, AT4, LAW Range (Range R-1-1) - Weapons authorized to fire on this range: M203, AT4, LAW. Targets are from 100 to 250 meters.

Demolition Range (Range R-1-2) - Range has steel cutting bunker and mock road. Shaped charges, C4, and Bangalore torpedoes can be used.

Multi-Purpose Machine Gun Range (MPMG) (Range R-1-3) - This range has electronic targets from 100 to 1000 meters. Weapons authorized to fire on this range: M60, M249 SAW, M2 (plastic ammo only), and M240B

Modified Record Fire (Range R-1-4) - This range has electronic targets from 50 to 300 meters. Range is equipped for night fire. Weapons authorized to fire on this range: M16 A1/A2 and M4

Zero Range (Range R-1-6) - 25 meter range with wood backstops. Weapons authorized to fire on this range: M16 A1/A2, M4, and handguns

Combat Pistol Qualification Course Range (CPQC) (Range R-1-7) - This range has electronic targets from 10 to 31 meters. Weapons authorized to fire on this range: Handguns

Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC) (Range R-1-8) - This range is 30 meters wide by 200 meters long. The MICLIC is the only weapons system authorized to fire on this range.

Live Fire Shoot House Range (R-1-9) - Sim munitions and UTMs are authorized. MOUT Style, building clearing structure.

Hand Grenade Qualification Course Range (R- 1-9) under Weapon Ranges