CGTC has supply area with the following items:

1. Cleaning supplies - limited amounts

2. Combative Mats

3. Rolling Stock - Limited amount

4. Audio visual supplies for theater and some small classrooms

5. MWR supplies - volleyballs, horseshoes, soccer balls, footballs, badminton, disc golf equipment, toss across, ladder ball

6. Grills - Trailer mounted grills for large gatherings, 6 burner grills for small gatherings. The requester provides propane tank and propane for grills.


1. State-of-the-art Ammunition Supply Point (ASP) at CGN.

2. Ammunition Holding Area (AHA) at CGN.


Food Service

1. Dining Facility (Building 2900) - Contracted dining facility that can feed approximately 800 soldiers per hour. This facility is open year round for military personnel and contractors working on the installation. Hours are as posted. Prices: Breakfast - $5.25, Lunch - $6.25, and Supper - $7.00; Box Lunches are available upon request. Please make arrangements 24hrs in advance.

2. Smaller Dining Facilities - Can be used by unit food service sections to support their subsistence requirements.