Education Services


Education Services

Education Services Contacts:
Education Services Officer
Education Services Specialist (Fargo)
State Tuition Assistance & Veterans' Bonus Program Manager
GI Bill Manager & Test Control Officer
Incentives Manager
Federal Tuition Assistance Manager

If you have difficulties with this application, please email the Tuition State Assistance Office or call (701)333-3008.


Electronic ND National Guard Application for

State Tuition Assistance Program

(REF: NDNGR 621-1)


1. A separate application is required for each term/session.

  • Applications must be received no later than August 31 for the fall term, January 15 for the spring term, and June 15 for the summer term.    
  • Late applications will be denied

2. You will receive an email confirmation upon receipt of the application

DoD Voluntary Education
DoD Voluntary Education Programs supports off-duty education programs of DoD.
Veterans Administration
The Home of All Educational Benefits Provided By The Department of Veterans Affairs.
Army Support Colleges
Service members Opportunity Colleges functions in cooperation with 15 higher education associations, the Department of Defense, and Active and Reserve Components of the Military Services to expand and improve voluntary postsecondary education opportunities for service members worldwide.
Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL)
COOL explains how Army Soldiers can meet civilian certification and license requirements related to the Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs).
Financial Aid and Scholarship Wizard
View of list of scholarships and search by keyword.
College financial aid guide
This guide from The American Legion is filled with scholarships, grants, fee waivers, student loans, and the organizations that offer them.
College Career Handbook
This booklet is used as a self-counseling tool that also functions as an aide to education center counseling, and as a record of counseling, education accomplishments, and plans.
Scholarship Search eBook
A Free eBook with 15 little known secrets for finding and receiving college scholarships.
Funding Education Beyond High School
This eBook describes financial aid available from federal programs and how to apply for them.