eBenefits - Master Personnel File

Once a member separates and/or retires they can access their entire master personnel file (which includes DD Form 214’s, NGB 22’s and evaluation reports) without a CAC.

You can access your Master Personnel File through a Department of Veterans Affairs website called eBenefits. The website is First time users will need to register by clicking on the “Register” button. Please register for the PREMUIM account. Once the account is established, you will have continued access to the website to retrieve your master personnel file. The eBenefits help desk number is 1-800-983-0937, please contact them for further help/instructions.

Why is this important to know?

Because the Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC) does not provide members with documents out of their master personnel files; they are referred to eBenefits.

What exactly is in a member’s Master Personnel File?

Anything that is in a members’ ARMS/PRDA record is considered their master personnel file. eBenefits pulls documents directly from ARMS to provide to users of the web site.

Once logged on to eBenefits site, please select:

-Documents and Records
-Military Personnel File

This will now redirect you to milConnect.

-Select Correspondence/Documentation
-Defense Personnel Records Information Retrieval System (DPRIS)
-Personnel File Tab
-Request Your OMPF Information
-Click Accept
-Input Email Address, select Air Force-Select the item(s) you want and click submit.
-A notice should display, “Your request has been successfully submitted and is being processed. You will receive notification via email when your requested information is availablefor viewing in the eBenefits portal.”

Where can separated/retired members find their medical records?

Medical records are maintained through the Department of Veterans Affairs Record Management Center in St. Louis, Missouri. They can be reached at 888-533-4558.


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