Vision and Goals

A premier force,
relevant today,
evolving to meet the
missions of tomorrow.

Provide ready units,
individuals, and
equipment supporting
our communities, state,
and nation.

Key Themes and Messages

Theme #1: Readiness and Lethality

Key Messages

Readiness is our #1 priority. As our nation’s combat reserve, we have to be more ready today to be more lethal tomorrow.


Always Ready, Always There is our brand and best describes to the citizens of ND who we are as an organization.  We will always be ready and will always be there when called upon to support our communities, state and nation.


We are continuously planning, preparing and training to become more proficient in our war fight mission and to improve our ability to respond during domestic emergencies.


The State Tuition Assistance (STA) program is our best recruiting tool.  The State Legislature continues to be committed to this program through funding and bipartisan support.


Camp Grafton South (CGS) expansion is one of our top strategic initiatives. If achieved, it would allow for the construction of a new Multi-Purpose Machine Gun range where units can qualify on all their small arms weapons and no longer have to spend precious training days travelling outside our state to achieve minimum qualification standards.

Focus Events/Activities

Preparatory activities for flood operations; on order, respond and conduct flood operations in support of local communities and the state. (Ongoing)

House vote on SB 2016. This bill provides The Adjutant General authority and funds to operate the organization.  The bill also includes funds for both STA and CGS expansion. (TBD)

Ground breaking ceremony for the new 141 MEB Readiness Center in Fargo, ND.  This facility will enhance readiness for the 141 MEB by providing critical indoor training and storage space for Fargo based units. (TBD)

NDARNG Unit Annual Training and Senior Leader Visits (May-Aug)

Theme #2: Partnerships

Key Messages

We are the community and a team of teams that includes our Families, Employers, and Community Leaders. All are important members of our team and critical to our success.


We are actively building mutually beneficial relationships and bridging partnerships with private organizations, communities, tribal nations, state and federal entities.


We need to stay engaged with those communities where we recently lost NDARNG force structure.  They remain part of the team.

Focus Events/Activities

Month of the Military Child (April)


ESGR Briefing with the Boss at the 119 Wing (11 Apr)


FRG Workshop (27-28 Apr)


Friends and Neighbors Day at CGTC (18 May)

Theme #3: A Profession of Arms

Key Messages

The NDNG as an organization of professionals requires leaders of character, competence, and commitment.


Our culture demands everyone is treated fairly, with dignity and respect; where diversity and inclusion are highly sought after and fully welcomed.


Leaders at all echelons are encouraged to accept prudent risk and empower their subordinates to take disciplined initiative to achieve results and accomplish the mission.

Focus Events/Activities

NDDoH and J-1 engagement to discuss suicide prevention initiative/strategies among the various agencies. (11 Apr)


ARNG Region 6 Best Warrior Competition at CGTC (5-10 May)


NDARNG Wellness Camp (17-19 May)


Memorial Day Speaking Opportunities (27 May)